Fay Dental Care
Dr. John Fay
 Dr. John M. Fay, II graduated from Boston College in  1984 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and from the  University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1989.  Dr. Fay spent 9 years practicing in Minnesota before  moving to Green Bay in 1998, and has been at his  present site in Park Place since 1999.

 Dr. Fay enjoys providing the variety of dental services  required of a family dentist.  He is committed to  continuing education for his staff and for himself, and  also to maintaining 
cutting-edge technology to ensure  state-of-the-art care and a full array of options for his  patients.  He has received awards for his "Fay Dental  Cares" program supporting the needs of the children in  the Big Brother-Big Sister program in Brown County.

 In his free time, Dr. Fay enjoys golf and weight training.  He is an avid sports fan, and true to his New England roots, his favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox, and his second favorite is any team that beats the Yankees.  His nearly thirty years in the midwest have caused him to realign his football allegiences, and now you will find him rooting first for the Green Bay Packers, followed by his native New England Patriots, followed by any team that beats the Minnesota Vikings.

 On behalf of his staff and himself, Dr. Fay welcomes you to Fay Dental Care.